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AI8 +2.1%
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AI8 +5575.9%
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AI8 +7616.44%
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AI8 +9994,18%

New generation cryptocurrency with unlimited growth potential

The world's first blockchain, 92,8% created by artificial intelligence.

You can purchase the token directly with your bank card.

Get tokens now and receive discount 20%

The next slot of size XXX coins will be available at double the current price. Seize the opportunity to invest early and claim your profits!

Have you ever wondered how your life would have turned out if you had invested $50-100 in Bitcoin in 2010?

Between 7 and 14
million dollars

You would have had anywhere from $7,000,000 

to $14,000,000 in your account today!


Never have 

to work again

You and your loved ones would never have to work again, you would have real estate all over the world, and you would travel without limitations.


Never have 

to work again

You and your loved ones would never have to work again, you would have real estate all over the world, and you would travel without limitations.


Never have
to worry about

You would never have to worry about where to get money for important purchases, medical treatment, or paying bills!

Doubling the invested capital within a year is already a significant success.

Today, the market is flooded with meme coins and highly volatile tokens where even experienced traders go bust and newbies are doomed to fail.

But it makes sense if you invest tens of thousands of dollars; turning $100 into $200 is a dubious investment prospect, isn't it?

Does this mean that you've missed out on entering crypto and all that's left for you is to envy the luxurious lives of crypto investors?

Overall, this statement held true until recently.

What is AI8?

AI8 - a Revolution in the world of blockchain

AI8 is the first artificial intelligence in the history of humanity to study and systematize nearly a petabyte of data related to blockchain networks and their architecture. Based on thorough analysis, AI8 constructs a network that will have almost no shortcomings compared to modern solutions and will also solve the blockchain trilemma issue.


No analogues in the world

The AI8 token, created on the basis of this blockchain, has no analogues in the world, and according to artificial intelligence forecasts, it will replicate and surpass the success of Bitcoin, but in a much shorter period of time.


Absolute compatibility

The AI8 token will be issued on the Ethereum and Bitcoin platform. This ensures the token's compatibility with third-party wallet services, exchanges, etc., as well as ease of integration.


Uncontrollable rise

After AI8 is listed on the exchange in the first quarter of 2025, an uncontrollable rise in the coin's value will begin, and it will become increasingly difficult for the average person to enter the project, as the main bulk will be bought up by large investment funds like BlackRock or MicroStrategy.


Completely new blockchain

In 2023, a team of scientists and crypto enthusiasts, including AI specialists, PhDs in economics and mathematics, as well as world-class programmers and developers, created a completely new blockchain that promises to surpass Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all existing cryptocurrencies in its characteristics.

Don't miss the opportunity to forever change your life and the world around you!

The chance to invest in AI8 and receive your profits in record time is available right now.

Philosophy of AI8

Since the emergence of phenomena like Bitcoin, no one has created a blockchain that will be fully controlled by millions of people and serve people to the fullest extent.

How many of you have lost money because of this?

Market influence from exchanges!

Actions of large



With AI8, it will not be like that. This time, human influence is completely excluded.

How many AI8 tokens have been issued?

Our AI determines the quantity to be 1.618 billion, which corresponds to the "golden ratio". This proportion is very common in nature and is a rule of proportion of parts to the whole, a universal manifestation of beauty and symmetry.

How is the price of the AI8 token formed?

The price is formed using complex AI algorithms that cannot be influenced externally, such as speculation, market manipulations, or actions of third parties aimed at intervening in blockchain's internal processes.

The AI8 token presale has already begun!


The first 100,000 tokens were
sold at a price of XX.


The current price for the next
400,000 tokens is XXX2.


Once the number of purchased coins reaches 500,000, the price will be doubled again.

When purchasing AI8 tokens, you also receive a Visa/Mastercard bank card with your balance on the account.

Token sale


Supply of 1 618 000 000 tokens


First part 5% Corporated clients


Second part 10% (private sales)


Third part 15% 

(242 700 000) sales


Tokens are available for maining after blockcain relise


Tokens are used to provide 

interest on staking


Remain with the operator

Img Img
Adaptive state sharding

Comparable in throughput as to centralized counterparts.

Our architecture goes beyond state of the art and can be seen as an augmentation of the existing models, improving the performance while focusing to achieve a better nash equilibrium state between security, scalability and decentralization.

Img Img
Secure proof or stake

Minimal energy and computational requirements.

AI8 eliminates the need for intensive PoW consensus algorithms and proposes a novel and more robust Secure Proof of Stake consensus, enhancing intra-shard communication and pruning the blockchain state to the most essential.

Img Img

Increased security due to the randomly selected block proposer.

AI8 introduces an improvement which adds security and reduces latency, allowing each node in the shard to determine the members of the consensus group (block proposer and validators) at the beginning of a round. This is possible because the last block’s aggregated signature is used as the randomization factor.

Img Img

Decentralizing cross-blockchain operations.

The AI8 Virtual Machine’s implementation will hide the underlying architecture isolating the smart contract developers from system internals ensuring a proper abstraction layer. In AI8, cross chain interoperability can be implemented by using an adapter mechanism at the Virtual Machine level. This approach requires specialized adapters for each chain that is non EVM compatible and wants to operate with AI8.

Why AI8 Will Grow?

The price of the AI8 token is not subject to speculate market actions, volatility and action on third parties. The increase in the value of the token and subsequently the AI8 coin is calculated by artificial intelligence, which excludes human participation, taking into account only the growth of user activity and the increase in transactions.

No speculations

Trade globalization

Lowest comissions for transactions

Decentralization and 100% anonymous

Invested by TOP international inwestment Funds

Adaptive State Sharding

Secure Proof or Stake

2000 faster transactions

Day One

According to AI8 intelligence's accurate prediction, at the time of the launch of the main blockchain network, the starting price will be



The launch of the blockchain will be December 16, 2024

The AI has calculated everything, it can't be wrong.

Plans for 2024–2027

Q2 2023

Ai8 technical whitepapper

Q3 2023

Prototype launch

Q4 2023

Whitepapper update

Q1 2024
In Progress

Launchwebsite, AI8 testnet v0.2, initial results, private token sale

Q2 2024
In Progress

Private testnet launch, Consensus & cryptography, optimizations

Q3 2024

Public testnet launch, IELE VM integration

Q4 2024

Battle of Nodes testnet ivent, AI8 Bootstrapping Phase 1: Secure PoS Economy launch, 50% Circulating supply staking target, Prestaking in multiple waves

Q1 2025

Economic & Governance Model, App in Samsung App store

Q2 2025

Launch of the first blockchain bank

Q2 2025

Ai8 Boosttrapping Phase 2: Genesis block Select validator programm, Native Ai8 Wallet

Q3 2025

Ai8 Boosttrapping Phase 3: Proggressive future activation, Defi initiatives, Economics v2

Q4 2025

Smarct contracts, Stacking^ direct & delegation, Development toolkit

Q1 2026

Maiar launch, Maiar: staking

Q2 2026

ESDT token, dApp core components, AI8 Login, Staking Phase 3.5

Q3 2026

AI8 Exchange: DEX AMM, Ai8 DeFi Wallet

Q4 2026

AI8 App new features, AI8 Launchpad

Q1 2027

Web3 Payments, Ai8 DeFGi wallet, Metastacking

Q2 2027

Metabonding, AI8 SupoerWave, Ad Astra Bridge, Jungle DEX

Q3 2027

Ai8 Growth 2.0, Ai8 Gamify, Staking Phase 4, NFT MarketPlace, Multisign for DAO

Q4 2027

Ai8 App 2.0, DeFi 2.0: Lending & Synthetics,, Merchant Yield, AI8Conference

Q1 2028

Strategic Multi-Country hypergrowth Onchain governance

Technical support

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